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23 December 2009 @ 11:48 am
To viewers searching for ERUU.JP.PN...  
Sorry for the inconvenience, but my main blog, eruu.jp.pn, is currently down so you are now redirected here. Feel free to look around my LiveJournal account as I finish making some improvements to my ORIGINAL blog. I rarely post anything here, but for the sake of all of you, I will try to. Please be aware my original blog will be open to the public in about a month. I am still continuing to keep my promise of improving it, so yes, it will take a VERY long time.Asides from this inconvenience, I really want to thank everyone for all those views. It's the most I've gotten since ever. >.> Yes, I'm pretty new at this. -___- Also because I often give up on sites, that's why I've discarded more than 10 OF THEM in my entire lifetime. But I hope you know I won't give up on eruu.jp.pn.

Once again, thank you. :D
Have a nice day, kyuu-chan/minna-san! ;D
- Maruyama Miki