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19 February 2010 @ 07:42 pm
Ritsu's POV #1  
Turns out Jonathan quit... damn. -.-
Now I have to write from a GUY'S perspective!

This is from Ritsu's POV. Now enjoiii~ P.S. STILL a rough draft.

We held hands as we stared out into the night through the open window of the limousine. I listened with a blank expression as Reika babbled on and on about how excited she was that our debut record had gone platinum…or was it double-platinum? Obviously, my mind was not on Earth. All I could think about was the fight I had gotten into last night with my sister. I have always loved my sister, but…sometimes, she needs to learn her boundaries. Especially when it comes to my love life.

“I can’t believe it!” Reika squealed, turning away from the window to look at me. I turned my gaze to meet hers, having spaced out for a few minutes. I squeezed her hand slightly, as a reassuring gesture that I was paying attention.

“Me neither,” I said, with a smile. I wanted this to be Reika’s best night ever, and I was not going to let my cluttered mind ruin it for her. She deserved a break.

We were on our way to celebrate our accomplishments with the rest of our band at a club in the center of rural Tokyo. Fans, celebrity guests, our record label, and other family and friends would be there. It would be the first time any one of us in the band would be meeting our family for the first time in a year…

Suddenly, a familiar song we both had heard before interrupted the silence. It was the sound of the unnamed demo Reika and I had written as the lead single we had for a side-project we had in mind. Unfortunately, our record label denied the proposal, as we were not making enough money to have more money spent on promotion.

However, because it was the first song Reika and I had ever written together, she set it as both our ring tones.

I began to dig through the many pockets of my jacket, but I couldn’t find my phone anywhere.

“Hm…I can’t seem to find it anywhere…help me look for it…” I said, patting every other pocket on my body. I continued to search for it, but I eventually gave up.

“It says it’s from… somebody named Asuka.” I looked up at Reika and saw that she was holding my phone in her hands. She looked at me and our eyes met.

“Don’t answer it! PLEASE!” I said a bit too suddenly, which I know for sure was ought to have caused suspicion. I reached over to grab the cell phone from her hands, but she held it up in the air, out of my reach.

And then the noise stopped. But my troubles weren’t over yet.

Just before she put it down, she took a look at the screen, and pressed a button.

“Hey Ritsu; it’s Asuka… I—I’m so sorry about what happened last night… I hope you forgive me. I love you. Bye.”

The words that my sister had said so clearly had hung in the air.

“Ritsu?” Reika spoke quietly. “Be honest and tell me who that was.” The lights in the limousine were dimmed, therefore I wasn’t able to see Reika’s expression, but I knew that she was definitely disappointed. I looked out the window and pretended that I didn’t hear her. Although avoiding answering her questions is sure to have caused more suspicion so then I said, “I swear on my life that girl is no one.” I looked at her and then I quickly looked away again, hoping that she would just forget about it, even if I knew there was no way in hell that was ever going happen.

“Not important? She said, ‘I love you’, for crying out loud! Do you expect me to drop the subject just like that? Ritsu, I’m not stupid. Are you having an affair with this person?!”

In an instant, I turned to look at her in bewilderment and said, “I would never do such a thing, Reika, and you know I wouldn’t.” I had to try so hard to fight the urge of yelling at her, because I mean, how could she say that? Reika is the only woman in the world I would ever love. I have sacrificed so much for her and I just couldn’t afford to tell her who Asuka really is… It would risk losing our relationship… And worse: her life.

“I’m not sure if I should believe you right now.” she said, holding a hand to her head.

That was it. I’ve ruined it. Well at least a good portion of this night. The least I could do now is to avoid troubling her even more. I laid a hand on her shoulder, and almost instantly, she slapped it away. I couldn’t believe she had just done that. But I knew that yelling back at her wouldn’t do any good either.

“Look, why don’t you just leave me alone for awhile? We both need some alone time? We don’t want the guests to be getting the wrong idea, now don’t we?” She sighed.

As I relaxed in my seat, I couldn’t help but think of the worst things that could possibly happen tonight. Hey, it’s better to prepared than to face the worst unexpectedly, right? While doing so, I also thought about that Asuka told me last night…

“Asuka, it’s been a year already! Why don’t you just leave it behind us now?” I yelled at my sister, who had been constantly having a migraine whenever we talked about the band and Reika. Especially, Reika.

She rubbed her forehead in frustration. “Ritsu… what is it about that girl that you love so much?” she asked. “There are many women out there that are much better than her. So tell me: Why her?” I hated it when our conversations had to end like this. It always makes me have that awkward sensation of mixed emotions. Yes, I loved my sister, and yes, she always proves a point, but whenever we talk about Reika, I get this feeling of guilt and regret, even when I try not to. Because of Reika, my parents and especially my sister would shake their heads at me in disapproval.

“I love her because she loves me and she treats me like a normal person. All the girls that otousan and okasan hooked me up with had never really loved me,” I said. “They only wanted my money. Our money. You guys were just too caught up to even notice that. You never really made attention to my needs. NEVER!”

She stood up and slapped me across the face. “That’s not true! We all loved you and we’ve always been concerned about you. But that girl… all she’s ever done to our family is to tear us apart from you. Ritsu, don’t you see? You’ve been blinded by love!” She threw up her hands in the air. “Tomorrow…”


“You’re coming home… and you are to never see that girl ever again.” She glared at me.

“Or else what?” I said, trying to blink back my tears. Although it was too stupid of me to ask and I stared at her in bewilderment. “If you dare touch Reika, I will—“

                "You’ll what, Ritsu? You know I can do anything I want without getting caught,” she said slyly. “You’ve got a choice. I’m giving you time until tomorrow night to come up with your decision. And if you say no, it’s bye-bye Reika.” She left my bedroom without saying anything else.

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