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31 December 2012 @ 12:00 pm
Tomodachi, kyuu-chan?  
If you added me on LiveJournal without leaving a comment, your request WILL BE ignored.
Want to add me as one of your friends? Go ahead.
Just be sure to follow the 2 simple rules listed below:

1. DO NOT add me to make your friend list bigger.
2. Leave a comment ON THIS PAGE stating why you want to add me or how you found me or who referred you to me or just a small message to get us started.

The comment should be in this form -
* Real name (first name is accepted):
* Interests (list about 3-10 interests):
How you found me:
* Why you want to add me:


NOTE: I would most likely add you, so don't worry. But I DON'T add people without leaving a comment here. And again, your friend request WILL BE ignored. And also, ONLY PEOPLE WITH LIVEJOURNAL ACCOUNTS WHO COMMENT WILL BE ACCEPTED, of course.

That is all.